Initial Consultations are BULK-BILL for patients with Medicare and a Referral 


How to book an appointment with Dr Adib

  1. Obtain a Referral from your GP to Dr Reza Adib
  2. Contact the Brisbane Obesity Clinic rooms on (07)3871 2277 or Email us at to book your bulk-bill appointment. Dr Adib consults at Wesley Hospital and Sunnybank. If you live in a rural location we are able to arrange phone consultations for your convenience

What To Bring To An Initial Consultation

  1. Medicare Card or DVA Card
  2. Referral
  3. Private Health Insurance – if you have private health

How To Book A Surgery:

Surgery is booked during the initial consultation with the surgeon. During which time you will sign surgical consent forms. If the patient is not ready to proceed at the time of the consultation the patient will require to book a subsequent appointment.

How To Prepare For Your Surgery:

Here at the Brisbane Obesity Clinic, we provide our patients with clear preoperative and postoperative instructions following their initial consultation. It is our top priority to ensure our patients are fully prepared for their procedure. All information regarding procedure cost, pre-surgery diet and post-operative instructions are addressed comprehensively at your consultation.

To cancel an appointment:

Please phone the office during business hours.  It would be appreciated if you could cancel an appointment at least one day ahead so that we can allocate your appointment time to another patient on our waiting lists.

If You Don’t Have A Referral:

If you are unable to obtain a referral in time for your appointment, we do advise patients to reschedule their appointment in order to be bulk-billed for the consultation with Dr Reza Adib. Otherwise, the consultation fee is $200 which is payable at the time of your appointment.  

Accessing Superannuation To Fund Your Procedure:

Following your initial consultation with Dr Adib, if you choose to book in for a surgical procedure and would like to access Early Release of Superannuation. We will see you through the whole process. Click here for more information.

For further practice information please visit the Contact Us page