Patient Success Stories

This page contains Brisbane Obesity Clinic patients who have happily shared insight into their weight loss journeys, following their bariatric procedures. For more reviews, pictures and stories, head to our facebook page “Brisbane Obesity Clinic”.

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Name: Sonia

Date operated: 08/12/2016
Pre-surgery weight: 108kg
Current weight: 74kg

“Dr Adib changed my life. Suffering depression and watching my weight spiral out of control was killing my soul. I had been overweight most of my life but was at an all time high. Now after surgery I’m healthy and happy and successfully managing my depression. I can’t thank him enough.”

Name: “Big-Joe”
Date operated: 21/02/2014
Pre-surgery weight: 275kg
Current weight: 99kg

“He saved my life! Never ever in my wildest dreams would I ever have had the courage to post a pic with no shirt on back in the day. This was me at 275kg and now at 99kg in three years. Words cannot describe the feelings, the emotions and the way my life has change. His staff are amazing, courteous and professional and of course, any suite in the Wesley is clean and presentable. Thank you to Brisbane Obesity Clinic for saving my life!

Name: Janine
Date operated: 28/10/2014
Pre-surgery weight: 123kg
Current weight: 55kgs
Height: 157cm

“I met with Dr Adib in October 2014 and from that day on he has changed my life. I am healthy more motivated and love my new wardrobe. Dr Adib is a wonderful doctor who truly cares for each individual patient.”

Name: John
Procedure: LAPBAND
Date operated: 26/08/2011
Pre-surgery weight: 144kg
Current weight: 106kg

“My name is John and since having the Lapband surgery in August 2011 I have lost nearly 40kgs.

Following many years of yo yo weight gain/loss I decided to look for a more permanent solution and decided to contact the Brisbane Obesity Clinic, after consultation with Dr Reza Adib I decided to have the lap-band procedure. Dr Adib explained each option available making it easier for me to decide this was the best solution for me to undertake.

Talking this over with my wife Kylie, and with our first child on the way, there was no turning back. I had all the motivation I needed. This was the best weight loss decision I have made to date and am enjoying the benefits of being able to play with my kids without getting tired. The support of Kylie, family and friends were paramount to helping me maintain my motivation to achieve my weight loss goals.


I would highly recommend Dr Reza Adib to anyone who needed help with their weight loss journey.”

Name: Margaret
Procedure: SLEEVE
Date operated: 05/12/2013
Pre-surgery weight: 130kg
Current weight: 66kg

“Photo #1 is me in the Gold Suk at Dubai in 2011 weighing approximately 130kg. It was 45˚ and I was very unwell, probably a couple of degrees away from a heart attack or stroke.

Photo #2 is me in the same Gold Suk at Dubai in 2018 weighing 66kg. The temperature was a lot better at only 35˚

It would have been impossible for me to lose the weight and keep it off without the Gastric Sleeve but I also play a part and am committed to making this work. I have met many people that have also had Gastric Sleeves by other Obesity Clinics including my daughter, that hasn’t been quite as successful and can only put this down to the amazing surgery performed by Dr Adib.”


Name: Paul

Date operated: 09/03/2018
Pre-surgery weight: 188kgs
Current weight: 138kgs

Paul has lost an impressive 50kgs in only 12 months following his laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy.


For more reviews, pictures and stories, head to our facebook page “Brisbane Obesity Clinic”